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Industrial machinery
Aircraft harness
Automobile harness
Bar code scanner cord
Medicalc equipment cables
Shield mesh
Data transmission
Interface cable
LAN cable
Shielded LAN cable
Flat LAN cable
Voice transmission
Indoor cable
Microphone cable
Wireless curl cable
Standardized products
LAN cable
LAN patch cord
Telephone cable
Boot and modular plugs
Trial samples
Manufacturing devices

Development System

In Sanyo Industries Corporation, we are committed to exceed our customer’s requirements regarding general wiring in the areas of communications, computing, industrial machinery and AV, and to guarantee a prompt delivery of high quality products through the synergistic integration of each one of our business departments. We stress the importance of prototype evaluation from the very early stages of our manufacturing process. We hold a good record of achievements in the supply of our products, and we are eager to give our fullest attention to our customers and meet their needs.

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〔Certification of Acquisition〕
Registration numbers ASR-Q2389, ASR-E0924, ISO9001 (JIS Z9901), ISO14001 (JIS Q14001).
SYK follows the ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards.
SYK is supported by a quality assurance system that ranges the development, design, manufacture, marketing and warranty services stages.
Registration numbers MKM2075・2076
SYK is acknowledged as a Green Partner of Sony Corporation.
Class:Appliance Wiring Material (AWM) UL758 Authorization number:E74038
Class:Wiring Harnesses Authorization number:E117026
General and internal wiring, LAN cables and communication-related equipment.
Curl cables for keyboards, cords for computer cards and other computing related products, aircraft harnesses, automobile harnesses, cables for robots and production line-related equipments, video cables, and cables for speakers and audio-related equipment.

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