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Administration principles

By guaranteeing a steady development, manufacture and marketing of our products, we increase our value as an enterprise as we aim to provide the best care and working conditions to our employees and to contribute to the environment conservation and the local community.
1. We hold our customers and their satisfaction in high regard.

2. Through the synergistic effort of each of our divisions and the respect for the individuality and integrity of our employees we lay the foundation stone of our companyfs development.

3. The development of our corporate activities is driven by our desire to protect the environment and to provide the best care and working conditions to our employees.

We are recognized for the high quality of our products

The rapid development of computers and communication technology is coupled with the vertiginous growth of networking at a global scale. In Sanyo Industries Corporation we have been supplying the communications, OA and AV markets with our products since 1946, always thinking from our customerfs point of view.
Today, in an era in which multimedia and digital communications are popular and that nobody could foresee before, the current networking trend has reached both businesses and homes and, amidst the popularization of optical technologies and mobile, ubiquitous computing, in SYK we keep improving in the development of our products.

Focusing on the environment and quality

yOur ideaz
We know that one of our most important principles is to minimize impact that our activities might have on the environment. We care for the environment through the exclusive use of materials and production mechanisms that allow us to reduce any negative impact that they might have on the environment.
Our policy is based on the following principles.
1 Consolidate the corporation internal structure with the proper adherence to the law, regulations and conventions.
2 Endeavor to guarantee a hazard-free working environment.
3 Provide products that conform to the environmental requirements of the customer.
4 Promptly provide the customer with the highest quality products.
5 Strive to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
6 Make every effort to increase the production efficiency and to reduce waste.
7 Fix our objectives for eco-friendly quality and continue to improve the effectiveness of the management systems.
8 The Companyfs President, as the chief director of the eco-friendly quality, has the responsibility to designate an Environmental Control Manager as well as a Quality Control Manager.

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